Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mickey And Judy

Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland were the most popular song and dance team to ever work at MGM. They were probably the most talented duo to ever appear on the silver screen. They were in a total of ten feature films together, eight of which were specifically designed as Mickey-Judy vehicles. In the other two, they only had one scene and one number together, in Words and Music ("I Wish I Were in Love Again"). In Thousands Cheer, they didn't appear together though they both guest-starred.
Judy appeared in three episodes of the Andy Hardy series. She was the only major guest star to appear more than once. She probably would have become a regular in the series had it not been for her wanting to appear in more adult roles. In 1963, when Judy taped her first episode of The Judy Garland Show, she insisted on doing her first show with Mickey, "because he's my partner" (though this was the first episode taped, it was not the first to air).

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