Saturday, April 6, 2013

Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot was born on September 28, 1934 in Paris, France. Her father had an engineering degree and worked with his father in the family business. Her mother was 14 years younger than Brigitte's father and they married in 1933. Brigitte's mother encouraged her daughter to take up music and dance, and she proved to be very adept at it. By the time she was 15, Brigitte was trying a modeling career, and found herself in the French magazine "Elle". Her incredible beauty readily apparent, Brigitte next tried films. In 1952, she appeared on screen for the first time as Javotte Lemoine in Crazy for Love (1952). Two more films followed and it was also the same year she married Roger Vadim. The two had known each other years earlier and she wanted to marry him when she was 17, but her parents quashed any marriage plans until she turned 18. The union lasted only five years.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The War Of The Worlds

Nostalgic Movie Trivia... None of the original Martian war machines from "The War Of The Worlds" exist today. They were made out of copper, and after the movie production was done, they were reportedly donated to a Boy Scout copper drive.

H.G. Well's classic novel is brought to life is this tale of alien invasion. The residents of a small town in California are excited when a flaming meteor lands in the hills. Their joy is tempered somewhat when they discover that it has passengers who are not very friendly. The movie itself is understood better when you consider that it was made at the height of the Cold War--just replace the Martian's with the Russian's.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

This Weeks Birthdays

This week we celebrate birthdays for the nostalgic movie legends Angie Dickinson (September 30th 1931), Julie Andrews (October 1st 1935), Groucho Marx (October 2nd 1890), Warner Oland (October 3rd 1880), Charlton Heston (October 4th 1924), Buster Keaton (October 4th 1895), Donald Pleasence (October 5th 1919), and Carole Lombard (October 6th 1908).

Love Finds Andy Hardy

Nostalgic Trivia Or How Fast Can We Get It To The Box Office... "Love Finds Andy Hardy" was shot on a 19-day production schedule with an additional week allotted for Judy Garland's production numbers. This film was released a mere two months after production wrapped.

Andy's girlfriend Polly is planning to spend Christmas at her grandmother's, which puts a kink in his plans to take her to the country club Christmas party. He agrees (for a fee) to pretend to be the boyfriend of his buddy Beezy's girl Cynthia to discourage other suitors (Beezy is also leaving for the holidays), but Andy soon finds her too infatuated with him. Meanwhile, Andy's next door neighbor Betsy begins to fall in love with Andy even though she's younger than him. Everything comes to a head at the country club party.

Released in 1938. Starring Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Lewis Stone, Fay Holden, Cecilia Parker, Lana Turner, and Ann Rutherford.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

One night, during a typical midnight screening of Rocky Horror, at a New York theater, a patron was asked to leave before the film ended. This patron was accused of being an impostor. The patron was Tim Curry.

Gloria DeHaven

This week we celebrate birthdays for the nostalgic movie legends Louise Fletcher (July 22, 1934), Raymond Chandler (July 23, 1888), Gloria DeHaven (July 23, 1925), Anthony Newley (July 24, 1931), Walter Brennan (July 25, 1894), Blake Edwards (July 26, 1922), Stanley Kubrick (July 26, 1928) Keenan Wynn (July 27, 1916), and Rudy Vallee (July 28, 1901).

Friday, July 6, 2012

Robin Meets The Wizard

Antisocial Prof. Hammil's Remote Control device, which enables the user to take over any motor vehicle within 50 miles ! When it is stolen by The Wizard, black-hooded mastermind, and his gang. Batman and Robin (who drive about in a standard convertible) must prevent the Wizard from obtaining the diamonds, needed as fuel for the device, & rescue magazine photographer Vicki Vale from periodic perils.
Released in 1949. Starring Robert Lowery, Johnny Duncan, Jane Adams, and Lyle Talbot.