Thursday, May 24, 2012

Way Out West

In the movie Way Out West Stan and Ollie head for the western town of Brushwood Gulch. Their mission is to find a woman named Mary Roberts in order to deliver her a deed to a valuable gold mine left to her by her father. Unfortunately, thei...r problems start as soon as they arrive in town when they realize they upset the wife of the town's Sheriff while on the coach they hitch a ride on, and they must catch the next coach out of town...or else. Their problems continue when Mickey Finn, Mary's guardian, learns why they're here, and has his wife, Lola Marcel, play Mary in order to hijack the deed from them. However, before leaving town, they encounter the real Mary Roberts and are forced to get the deed back. What ensues from there is more hilarity then you could ever image.
It was released in 1937. Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Sharon Lynn, James Finlayson, and Rosina Lawrence.

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